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What We Do

We help service based business owners, who struggle with standing out and connecting with their ideal client to develop premium offerings and consistent leads by packaging their expertise into Signature Programs and Signature Books.

We work with entreprenuers in start-up mode,helping them to navigate the 3 phases needed to establish the message of their brand, the visual identity of their brand, and what their brand offers.

This program is for business owners who want to build a real sustainable business.  Help identifying who their client is, what they really need, and developing an offer for the demand.

We work with entreprenuers who want to take their visibility and authority/expert status to the next level by publishing a book, helping them to navigate the 5 phases needed to successfully publish a book that connects with their ideal reader.

This program is for those who want to leverage their story and message to connect with their audience further in a branded book that can be used to increase their credibility & visbility, grow their fiollowing, and fill new or existing programs.

  • Clarify Area Of Expertise 45%
  • Package Expertise 25%
  • Connect Expertise With Demand 30%

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What’s the Borrow My MBA Experience?

Borrow My MBA, LLC is a Coaching and Consulting firm offering specialized experience and support for service based business owners.  Our programs are designed to help entreprenuers package their expertise into premium offers, and brand their story and message in a way that connects them to their ideal client and generates consistent leads.

We help our clients get results by supporting them in one of our 3 tiers of service.

1:1 High Output Intensives

We offer high impact, highly focused intensives to fast track results.

1:1 Coaching & Consulting

We put our skills and experience to work by providing 1 to 1 programs like intensives and extended coaching.

Group Coaching & Consulting

We put our skills and experience to work by providing 1group coaching programs.

What People Are Saying

I cannot express my gratitude in words alone for Tesa Colvin. She helped me turn an idea into a full fledged business, turning my vision into a reality. She is a no nonsense coach, pushing me weekly to complete my goals and guide me to the finish line. Since and because I worked with Tesa, my mindset is strong and I am laser focused on continuing to build my business. I always tell her I’m her real life walking billboard and highly recommend everyone to make the wisest investment you could ever make in services by Tesa Colvin.

Chandra Lopez-Brooks

I knew from Day 1 that Tesa would make a big difference in my business and my life. When we spoke she had this incredibly down to earth view of what I needed help with while we were together – it was me. She didn’t push an agenda, but worked with me on exactly what I needed. “Be a bigger fan of yourself than you are.” was the most important thing she ever told me. (Second to “Here’s your homework!”)

Before working with Tesa, I was being random with my interactions on social media, my message was all over the place, I sounded like 15 other people, I wasn’t owning my unique-ness, I was making all my decisions from a place of fear, and I even refused to admit that people actually needed me as a coach. I was playing it small, staying safe, and letting small things stand in my way of moving forward (like getting a business mailbox!)   Throughout our time together, Tesa helped me define what I was afraid of, shift my perspective about those fears, and set up techniques for learning how to value myself. I was able to define my WANTS in my life and my business, clearly see how my life differed from them and start to take steps towards that life. I became a fan of myself. I wrote from the heart, didn’t fear hitting send, and received more engagement than ever before which helped me book coaching calls!

Amy Hare

Well what can I say about Tesa?? Amazing, amazing, amazing coach!  When we first started out, I had things started & didn’t know what I was going to do with it or where to start.  She asked me the questions that needed to be asked to start me on the right path, what I wanted out of the business.  She took me from that point to having my website, finishing my first book 3.5 months  in(which was #8 on the Amazon list), defined & refined my target audience and in a space where I have options on which direction to take my business.  She keeps you on track, has an amazing creative mind & will get you out of your own way to a place where you are doing productive work & moving forward.  Do the work (there will be plenty of it 🙂  There are so many things that she has does that I cannot begin to list them all.  Just know you will need to be an active part of your success.  Do not pass up on the opportunity to work with Tesa.  You will be so glad you did.

Kyle Roach

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