I’m Tesa, your resident Business Coach, Escape Artist and Multiple Income Stream Strategist.

I help speakers, motivators and entrepreneurs create profitable brands by monetizing their skills, experience, and passions.

My goal is to help you live your dream life Today!

 I’m here to help you DO IT THE WAY YOU DREAMED IT and create a life you love.

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Don’t Just Stop At Dreaming, Make The Shift To Doing!

I’ve been helping people bring their vision to life for over 10 years through consulting, coaching and mentoring. So, if you’re ready to move out of your 9 to 5, find and connect with your ideal audience, generate valuable content, and build the brand and business you dream of…you’re in the right place!

Why struggle and invest years trying to reach your goals alone when you can Borrow My MBA to fast-track your business building (learn a lot and have fun in the process)?

So don’t wait – dive in now!

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