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Having the right place to get and keep the creative juices flowing is essential to the creative process.  Of course this “atmosphere” is different for everyone.  And there is no cut and dry “this is what you have to do” way to determine what will work.

Take me for instance.  I personally need the perfect balance of “writing” music, no internet distractions and no children (or puppies).  And while it may sound silly, I truly believe that I have adult A.D.D., so the balance I need to facilitate productive writing is very delicate.

Let’s look at the “writing” music part. First of all I LOooove music….pop, rap, rock, country, jazz, neo soul doesn’t matter to me; a good song is a good song.  Needless to say my playlists are super eclectic, but knowing my propensity to get distracted I try to load one that has consistent tempo, style pace etc. (don’t want to be listening to classic RnB then Jimmy Hendrix/Purple Haze or Pink loads because then rocking out ensues and writing stops).  In the same way I don’t want to be on a mad Hendrix-Pink fueled writing frenzy and have easy listening Jazz load, because that will signal nap time.(#truestory)

Internet distractions work the same way.  I don’t want to have a good flow going then get an email alert, or social media notification because there is always a link that leads me down a rabbit hole and again writing is abandoned.  So when I go into my office to shut out the world to write that includes shutting out the worldwide web.

Lastly, family, pets and personal responsibilities are inevitable and unpredictable factors.  I will admit that it is difficult to write with puppies crying outside of my office door (poor things…foiled by a lack of opposable thumbs), this doesn’t happen as much as it did before I set a writing schedule for myself.  Even that was a challenge to adopt since I work full-time, am a full-time mommy, army-wife, and play-mate to fur babies Sasha and Bella.  But, getting up before everyone else or staying up once they are asleep has been what works best for me.  For instance, I get up early on Monday, then Tuesday is my late night, I take a break on Wednesday, and then rotate early/late as needed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t ignore or put off the sudden rush of ideas that often come when you are working on a project until a scheduled writing day.  I make notes, email/text myself ideas etc. which actually helps me to be more productive when I sit down to write.

At some point I want to explore writing in different places like the park or the Botanical Gardens.  But that may be better in theory only since I am afraid of anything that can fly, crawl, buzz or slither.  Maybe a screensaver of the park will work. 🙂

Ultimately, there is not one size fits all formula to write the stories that live in your head.  But it is very important  to figure out what gets your creative juices flowing and go with that.

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About this posts author: 

Tesa Colvin is an Author, Escape Plan Clarity Coach and Business Development Strategist. She coaches passionate solo-prenuers, who desire FREEDOM and SUCCESS in their business and lives. 

Through tailored coaching and strategy sessions, she helps entrepreneurs not just set goals, but develop effective plans that help them to be and stay focused and empowered as they build and monetize their business. Tesa’s mission is to FREE entrepreneurs from the self-sabotage of trying to do it like everyone else, by encouraging and empowering these DREAMERS to focus on their own vision and version of success.

And when she’s not helping people find success their way, you can find her tucked away in a quiet space creating words, worlds and characters, or having a Michael Jackson sing off with both her teen daughters while her husband and 2 fur babies watch in horror. 

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