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Here’s how you write ✍️ a book that readers are excited to consume & that generates 5 figures, even if you’re not sure what to write about.

📚 First – Determine the Goals AND intentions you have for getting a book done now (because it’s always been a dream, so why is it a must today?)

One of the most powerful things you can do when writing a book is to be very clear about the end goal of it.  This will allow you to reverse engineer down to the smallest details in order to realize your vision for the book.

With this in mind, you want to really take a moment and think about what you want from this book, and what you want this book to accomplish.

For example:

  • Is the goal just to make money with the book itself?
  • Is the goal to leverage the book to raise awareness for your brand?
  • Is the goal to secure speaking opportunities? etc.

This is important because the desired outcome of the book determines how you connect with your audience in the writing AND the topic of the book. So don’t skip this step because it very important.

📚 Second – Figure out the conversation details of your book (that is the “what are you talking about” piece)

When you approach writing a book like a conversation, you gain the ability to tap into the insight of the other person in the conversation…the reader.

To start off you want to take the time to really identify what it is that you and your reader are talking about.

Some specific questions to that you will need to ask and answer are:

  • What is the topic that you will be focusing on


  • What other books exist on the topic

But don’t’ just stop there.

Really figure out what will engage the reader, and what they want.

So once you have identified the conversation topic, and other books on the topic, dig deeper.

  • Check the reviews on popular books (from Amazon and other retailers) on the subject (check the lower rating to see what people wanted/needed/expected)

This really helps to determine the way to frame your story, expertise and message in a way that can support your desired purpose of the book (the outcome you established in Step 1)


📚 Third – Research the language around your topic (It’s important to know what words your tribe and potential readers are using to describe their pain point.)

One example I love to use to explain this is a doctor’s visit.

When you go to the doctor with an issue, because you describe the symptom you are experiencing, then the doctor gives you the clinical diagnosis.

This is exactly how keywords work.

So whatever your topic is, you want to make sure you are using the language that your audience uses so they know and understand that you are providing the solution they are looking for.

If you do not determine the language of your audience, the audience will not connect to your message and book.

A good way to check the language themes is by using search tools (Amazon, Google, etc.)  because the auto complete function of those platforms are quick ways to see what terms people are searching for.

Once you are clear on the language, you can strengthen your copy and the messaging in your book.

📚 Fourth – Test the conversation (social media has totally changed market research AND you get real-time feedback in the form of likes and engagement)

Now that you are clear on your book goals, conversation/topic details, and language of your audience it’s time to do a little more market research.

Social media is one of the most valuable market research tools available.


Because people are there multiple times a day ready to share their unbridled opinions about any and everything.  And this is a great thing for business owners and authors alike.

Testing the conversation details from step 2 can be really simple.

  • You can do social media polls to take the temperature of your tribe’s interest on the subject.
  • You can post relevant content on the topic and gauge engagement (i.e. like bot no comments V.S. both likes and comments)
  • You can compile a list of people who fall into your ideal reader category and schedule market research calls
  • You can create social challenges and measure interest by those who singe up AND participate all the way through.

The list goes on and on.

The fact is that more often than not when we sit down to write a book, we focus on what we think people want and need and we miss the mark.  But by doing this foundational research, there is the added benefit of having the start of a great reader profile which is the first step in establishing a very strong foundation on which to build your book.

In fact this is a great way to create much more targeted offers, programs, and courses, etc.

The benefit of doing these 4 simple (and FREE) steps is that they will help you identify what information your audience/tribe is craving from you.

You can then take that information as an indicator of what your book should focus on as well as a way to clarify what programs or offerings your audience needs.

And the result?

✔️ More effective prospect/lead generation
✔️ Increased sales conversions
✔️ Sold out program offerings
✔️ Increased income

And this is just one example of how having a #bookstrategy can take your business to the next level.

About this posts author: 

Tesa Colvin is a Best Selling Author, Owner and CEO of Borrow My MBA, LLC where she is the resident Business Coach & Publishing Consultant.  She specializes in helping coaches, speakers and personal brands write their first (or next) book positioned for 5 figure profits.

She started with an undergrad in Business Administration – Management, and then actively began coaching entrepreneurs from the idea phase to a number of service based businesses that range from copy and creative writing and talent management to hospitality. She then followed up with an MBA in Operations Management, all while learning to master the publishing process over the course of 6 years and 19 books.

And when she’s not helping people find success their way, you can find her tucked away in a quiet space creating words, worlds and characters, or having a Michael Jackson sing off with both her teen daughters while her husband and 2 fur babies watch in horror. 

You can Friend her on Facebook, tweet with her @BorrowMyMBA, or send her an email via info@borrowmymba.com.

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