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⏰If you’re waiting until your book is done to start promoting you’re late! ⏰

There are 3 phases of promotions that you need to tap into to get and maintain momentum with your audience.

Each phase is important because it allows your tribe to get “invested” mentally and emotionally BEFORE they make the shift to financial investment.

Think about it…

If you go through the process to get your book done THEN start promoting, you miss the opportunity to get the “7 touches” before it’s officially on sale.

You know what I mean when I say “7 touches”, right?

If not, the quick summary is that business and sales experts teach that it takes “7 touches” before a person decides to invest financially. This is why funnels are so effective. It’s an opportunity to get a person used to your voice, your content, your content schedule, etc. Then by the time you get to the sale or even upsell part of your funnel, it’s a no brainer for the person.

This concept holds true with the promotion part of your book.

Here’s a simple example of what it looks like to navigate the 3 phase book promotions “funnel” AND get the 7 touches needed to generate sales:

📚 Social post & Email to list: “It’s my goal to make sure that every woman I’m connected to understand how to manifest, so I’m gonna write a no B.S. manifesting guide! 😀

📚 Social post sharing a quote: “Amazing quote from my book about manifesting” The manifesting guide is really coming together. 🙂

📚 Social post & Email to list: It’s official!! The title of the manifesting guide is “Tips to Master Manifesting”

📚 Social post & Email to list: “Have you joined the early bird team? For early chapter previews, and other exclusive access, click the link in the comments to join”

📚 Social post & Email to list: Just got back the mock-up of the cover and the options are amazing!! You guys are gonna have to help me choose

📚 Social post & Email to list: “Are you tired of struggling through writing the perfect affirmations and visualizing? Do you really want to tap into your power to manifest? Then I have EXACTLY what you need! That’s right; “Tips to Master Manifesting” is up for pre-order!!!! :-O Grab your copy now

📚 Social Post & Email list: I know several of you have already grabbed your pre-order of “Tips to Master Manifesting”, so I wanted to do a giveaway just for you. Send me a copy/screenshot of your pre-order receipt and you will be entered for the chance to win a 30 minute manifesting boot camp!

And just like that you have taken your tribe along throughout the process and gotten them invested in your book.

This is a very simple example of tackling the 3 phases of book promotions, but it would still be a more effective approach than a single “Buy my book” post to your tribe once your book is done.

Don’t skip the #bookstrategy because done properly it will create raving readers, can be leveraged for more clients, speaking engagement, and other opportunities.

About this posts author: 

Tesa Colvin is a Best Selling Author, Owner and CEO of Borrow My MBA, LLC where she is the resident Business Coach & Publishing Consultant.  She specializes in helping coaches, speakers and personal brands write their first (or next) book positioned for 5 figure profits.

She started with an undergrad in Business Administration – Management, and then actively began coaching entrepreneurs from the idea phase to a number of service based businesses that range from copy and creative writing and talent management to hospitality. She then followed up with an MBA in Operations Management, all while learning to master the publishing process over the course of 6 years and 19 books.

And when she’s not helping people find success their way, you can find her tucked away in a quiet space creating words, worlds and characters, or having a Michael Jackson sing off with both her teen daughters while her husband and 2 fur babies watch in horror. 

You can Friend her on Facebook, tweet with her @BorrowMyMBA, or send her an email via info@borrowmymba.com.

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