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Doubt happens to the best of us.  It creeps in before final exams, big speeches, first steps and chasing dreams.

No one is Immune to it.

We’ve all been told not to say can’t, but what about the other words that we say that are dripping with doubt?

These words mean well, but they make you ineffective.  They snatch up your dreams before they can take root and get you going.

These words are leaches hiding in your everyday conversations, dragging you down before you even start.


1. Maybe

‘Maybe’ means well, but is all about uncertainty and is often followed by words like “one day” and “I should” (also words that are the opposite of motivating).

So the next time you utter a Maybe sentence, amp up the focus with a full on declaration.

For example instead of “Maybe I should start a business,” go with “I will start a business” and totally nullify the hidden doubt with a bold declaration.

2. If

In the wrong hands, IF can completely shut down momentum.  ‘IF’ can mean infinite possibilities, but when draped in doubt it can lead to a multitude of negative confessions, negative self-talk, and misery.

How could two tiny letters be so powerful? The answer is mindset.  Your mindset has to be tuned to a positive station to combat “IF” interference.  Otherwise, those two little letters will completely drown out the results you truly want.

In addition to monitoring your mindset around “IF”, you need to get in the habit of using a declaration word like “WHEN” in its place.

“When” sets more of an expectation, in fact, whatever it’s attached to gains an unspoken timeline. That may seem small, but we are naturally more motivated to start AND complete things when we “have an end in sight”.


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3. Wish

I know you’re thinking…”What harm could wishing do?”  Well, I hate to break it to you, but wishing implies that something is impossible, like it would take magic to make it happen.

WISH is the cute younger sibling of AM, IS, and CAN.  That means it’s great for getting a girl glass slippers for a ball, but not as effective at empowering her to start the business of her dreams.

WISH takes the confidence and power away from the person and makes their thought or vision seem impossible.  And that’s when doubt moves in.  Think it’s not a big deal?  Take a few of your affirmations and rework them to include “wish”.

Example:  I am victorious!

Wish factor: I wish I was victorious.

The first one is a “BOOM! – It’s a thing” declaration.  While the seconds one is more of a pitiful plea that fizzles.  So instead of hanging out with WISH, go with words more in line with getting things done that declare the result you want.  This will help you gain and KEEP momentum.

4. Hope

Hope is one that can really catch you off guard, mostly because we hear such good things about it.  But it really depends on the intention behind it.  In some cases Hope is evidence of hidden fear and doubt.

For example, when we HOPE things go well, it’s because there is something hidden under the surface or even deeper telling us that things won’t go well.  And unfortunately, in most cases, the state of hoping will not be strong enough to combat fear and doubt before they grow roots and decide to stick around.  That means the best approach is to face them head on with KNOW statements.

Don’t hope things will work out, KNOW that they will.  Make that bold declaration – YES – even in the face of challenges.  Otherwise double trouble will back you into a corner and you will never make the decision, take the first step, or gain the momentum you want and need.

5. Soon

Good ole’ SOON, another small word with BIG consequences. Soon is vague and uncertain.  And there is no way to dress it up.

Soon – lacks commitment, clarity and drive.

Have you ever had someone tell you they would be somewhere soon?  What usually follows is the need for additional questions like “What are you near?”, “How far away are you?”, or just flat out “What does that mean?” to figure out what’s being communicated.

Well the same confusion occurs when you attach SOON to your goals and dreams. It just translates into being dormant.

How do you combat SOON?

Well this is a big one.  You can’t just say a few words; this one requires you to take action.  You have to DO something.

Example:  I’m gonna write an article on that soon

Remedy: Write the article NOW!

I know it sounds simple, but getting out of the SOON loop can be the most difficult.  It requires you to take action without over thinking it or talking yourself out of it with a cocktail of the other doubt dripping words.

Whenever you have a SOON moment, stop right there and commit to an action NOW that either gets you the result you want, or moves you closer to it.  Then make action a habit, a habit that you do every day.  And by doing this, you will make more progress than you could have ever imagined.


Click Here to Grab This As A Printable Cheat Sheet


Now that you have a quick and dirty list of the 5 doubt words stopping you before you start, do the work to kick them out of your conversation.

Remember to:

  • Say the words you need to hear to chase your dream
  • Remove any doubt that you will attain your dream
  • Do the work to chase your dream
  • Repeat the process for the next dream on your list.


Originally published on the Huffington Post

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Tesa Colvin is an Author, Escape Plan Clarity Coach and Business Development Strategist. She coaches passionate solo-prenuers, who desire FREEDOM and SUCCESS in their business and lives. 

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And when she’s not helping people find success their way, you can find her tucked away in a quiet space creating words, worlds and characters, or having a Michael Jackson sing off with both her teen daughters while her husband and 2 fur babies watch in horror. 

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