Discovery Calls Don’t Work If You Have Nothing To Offer!

You can connect and build relationships, develop tons of content, and join all the right groups – But if you don’t have an offering that solves a problem none of that matters.

Benefit 1

Clearly brand your business or service to reflect your expertise.

Benefit 2

Package your expertise into premium offerings.

Benefit 3

Connect your expertise to the audience who needs it.

Imagine this…

Having a clear program that packages your expertise
Being able to speak to exactly how your can help people get results
Having a focused offering that is designed and positioned to help you get your first client and beyond
Being able to reach your income goals because you know exactly what to offer and to whom

It’s time to turn this dream into your reality and that’s why you’re here right?

Introducing The Signature Offer Program

This program that will help you hone in on your specific expertise and package int into a premium offer. Through this program, you will get the information, strategy and support you need to package your services, position your brand and see a profit. This program is designed to help you stop creating offers on the fly and start showing up as an expert who gets results.

Who is it for?

This is for you if…

  • You have been working on building your brand and are clear on the result you provide
  • You have had some success with getting clients, but want to shift to getting clients more consistently
  • You have experience and expertise that give proven results
  • You want to be more effective at closing the sale on calls

This is NOT for you if…

  • You are still in the seed and development stage of your business building
  • You are not a service based business or brand
  • You are uncertain of what your expertise is
  • You are uncertain of who you help/support and how you do it

Listen, you want to really establish their business, connect with their audience and give them what they want/need, right?

As a Business Coach and Publishing Consultant, I can tell you that clear and concise messaging is very important for any strategy.  And if you’re not able to really clarify the problem you solve and the result you can help your audience achieve, it will be more and more difficult to establish yourself as a credible expert, and get clients.

So you must have a visibly cohesive brand AND a signature offering based on your expertise.

Phase one

Clarify Expertise – Really define how you consistently get your clients results

Phase two

Visual Identity – make sure that you have a cohesively branded online presence

Phase three

Offer Creation – package your expertise to get your ideal clients the results they long for

Phase four

Develop connections and leads – Build relationships with prospects and your ideal audience

You’ve invested in taking your business and life to the next level, and you’re tired of playing small.

And guess what, you don’t have to.

You’re not afraid to put in the work for your vision.

Don’t get into the rut of building business like everyone else.  Your life and experience is just what your ideal client needs to change things in their own lives.

But they can’t make the change if they don’t know that you exists AND have the exact program they need to get results.

What our customers are saying

I knew from Day 1 that Tesa would make a big difference in my business and my life. When we spoke she had this incredibly down to earth view of what I needed help with while we were together – it was me. She didn’t push an agenda, but worked with me on exactly what I needed. “Be a bigger fan of yourself than you are.” was the most important thing she ever told me. (Second to “Here’s your homework!”)

Before working with Tesa, I was being random with my interactions on social media, my message was all over the place, I sounded like 15 other people, I wasn’t owning my unique-ness, I was making all my decisions from a place of fear, and I even refused to admit that people actually needed me as a coach. I was playing it small, staying safe, and letting small things stand in my way of moving forward (like getting a business mailbox!)   Throughout our time together, Tesa helped me define what I was afraid of, shift my perspective about those fears, and set up techniques for learning how to value myself. I was able to define my WANTS in my life and my business, clearly see how my life differed from them and start to take steps towards that life. I became a fan of myself. I wrote from the heart, didn’t fear hitting send, and received more engagement than ever before which helped me book coaching calls!

Amy Hare

There comes a time when you have to decide to really show up in your business and for the people you are designed to help.So stop playing small and showing up just like everyone else, and really establish the business and program that creates major impact.


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