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“Tesa is amazing and invaluable! She is so smart, motivating, and inspirational. It just oozes from her. Every time we spoke I left our conversations feeling uplifted and optimistic about my future.  She helped me identify fears and beliefs I had holding me back even when the focus was not on me.  She’s an amazing mindset worker, and really knows what she is talking about when it comes to entrepreneurship. Not only does she know the business space she’s incredible at personalizing and guiding individually because she truly cares. I highly recommend working with Tesa.”

Laura Boysen |Wellness and Vitality Coach

Life Upgrade Movement

“When it comes to helping you leave, or escape, your 9-5 there is no one better than Tesa. She really puts her education and experience to good use for you and is always ready to jump in and help out. She’s ready and raring to take that serious education and pair it with her fun loving personality. Whether you’re looking to escape your current 9-5 or start a business, Tesa’s got you covered.”

Amanda McRoberts | Business Strategist and Mindset Coach

Amanda McRoberts Unlimited

“Imagine a conversation and feeling empowered to create more and become more. Tesa is absolutely gifted with the skills and knowledge she has to offer. If you don’t have a degree, no worries; You can fast track with her MBA and become a Biz Builder in no time. She can transform your non-degree challenges to an MBA master after uncovering what is blocking you.”

ANNA KOWALCZYK - SLOWY | Life & Mindset Guru

Achieve Your Legacy

“Tesa is a ray of sunshine and she brings this version of herself to the table with her clients ALL the time. She is constantly upbeat and bringing others up from any situation that they may be in, feeling stuck or sedentary, and she helps them make MOVES in their lives and business. Tesa isn’t messing around either, when she says you get to ‘borrow her MBA’… she has a wealth of knowledge to apply to your situation and business and she has the passion to help you as her driving force behind all of that knowledge. If you are struggling to find a way to make your business work, if you are desperately wanting to leave your 9-5 but can’t quite see the path, Tesa is your girl! ”

Stephanie Hoffman | Business Strategist

My Zestful Life

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