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Every sports team, no matter the size or level of success, has a mascot, motto or war cry.  So why shouldn’t writers have motto’s?

It just makes sense that we would tap into the word-play possibilities?

And while sports and writing are clearly very different, they both have times when encouragement is necessary.

I often encounter writing slumps in which I can’t find the right words or seem to focus long enough to accomplish goals or a desired level of progress.  Sometimes I just over think or over research (which stifles my creativity) and more often than not, I get stuck focusing on a fear of failing (failing to present the story in the best manor, build an adequate platform…the list goes on and on).  At any rate, it is at these times that I have to find a way to motivate myself to move forward.

While I don’t have a motto for every situation, more often than not “Caffeine fuels creativity!” is pretty effective… That’s right, I do my best work sipping on the biggest, sweetest cup of coffee that I can find.  And when I’m dealing specifically with fear, my greatest challenge, I have to tell myself

“I would rather fail forward than fail standing still.”

So get a motto, a favorite quote, or whatever you need to help you stop spinning your wheels in the mud.

It’s ok.  It can be all yours.  You don’t have to tell a soul.  Or you can tell everyone who will listen.

But either way take a moment to arm yourself with the right words for future “blah days” you’ll be so glad that you did.

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About this posts author: 

Tesa Colvin is an Author, Escape Plan Clarity Coach and Business Development Strategist. She coaches passionate solo-prenuers, who desire FREEDOM and SUCCESS in their business and lives. 

Through tailored coaching and strategy sessions, she helps entrepreneurs not just set goals, but develop effective plans that help them to be and stay focused and empowered as they build and monetize their business. Tesa’s mission is to FREE entrepreneurs from the self-sabotage of trying to do it like everyone else, by encouraging and empowering these DREAMERS to focus on their own vision and version of success.

And when she’s not helping people find success their way, you can find her tucked away in a quiet space creating words, worlds and characters, or having a Michael Jackson sing off with both her teen daughters while her husband and 2 fur babies watch in horror. 

You can Friend her on Facebook, tweet with her @BorrowMyMBA, or send her an email via info@borrowmymba.com.

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